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We give your site a new look

We are also happy to help you refresh your existing website - apart from updating technologies in the background, we recommend contemporary designs to leave a lasting impression on visitors. Keep your online interface to new customers up-to-date and make it stand out from your competition!


Modern technologies and design

We strive to maximize both form and function when creating websites. We design modern and timeless websites with high performance that are optimized for search engine positioning. Additionally, we optimize websites for mobile and desktop devices to ensure the best possible user experience on all classes of devices.

Modern Webtechnologies

Our web design services are focused on the use of modern frameworks such as NextJS and React to provide our clients with a perfect starting point on the Internet. With these technologies, we improve search engine positioning and provide a more efficient and user-friendly website.

Continous Feedback

As a web design agency, we work closely with our clients in the iterative design process to refine their ideal desired looks. With the help of their feedback, we implement their requirements and work with them to create the perfect design. In doing so, we use flexible approaches to achieve their goals in the best possible way.

Iterative Designprocess

We rely on an iterative design process to create websites at their best. We work out the desired look of our clients and optimize it for mobile devices. In the process, we develop several initial variations for the website and then refine them to implement the best solution.


From Your requirements to Release

Requirements analysis and customer meeting

First, the requirements for the website redesign must be determined. This requires a customer meeting to clarify goals and expectations.

Concept development and design

Based on the information gathered, the design team develops a concept for the website that meets the client's needs. Aspects such as usability and branding are taken into account.

Development and implementation

The development team implements the design and programs the website. Attention is paid to a user-friendly design to ensure easy navigation.

Provision, optimization and publication

The website is tested, optimized and published. Here, attention is paid to search engine optimization and website analysis to achieve good visibility in search engines and meet the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).


Frequently asked questions

A website redesign can be useful for a variety of reasons, including updating branding, improving usability, optimizing site performance, or adding new features and content.


Redesign is offered in the following locations


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